Gigs schedule

Gigs schedule

March 28: Fanzone outdoor festival!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Thu, March 20, 2014 12:21:07
Hey there,

It has been ages since we had a gig (with a poster, I should add - there was a Wanch gig or two in Q1 :)), and it will be awesome so go on stage with so many friends and fellow bandmates for Friday Night Rocks!

Come and check it out if you have time! Link here for Facebook event, with the description attached below...


// Freddy

多年來The Underground一直致力發掘本地現場原創音樂。為慶祝成立十周年,我們帶來了The Underground首個現場音樂新

風潮﹣户外音樂演出。與Hong Kong Fan Zone合作舉辦之搖滾星期五(亦稱The Underground Festival)將請來我們喜愛的

本地樂隊,當然少不了經驗豐富的樂手。演出單位包括:Supper Moment, ToNick, Dr. Eggs, Shotgun Politics, Hey Joe Trio, Noughts&Exes及

Bamboo Star,集合多元化聲音,為樂迷們送上驚喜!樂種涵蓋範圍由獨立民謠至流行搖滾,配合不同樂迷喜好。樂隊不單走

遍本地大大小小音樂演出場地,亦曾參與Yamaha Asiabeat及魁北克Planetrox中國樂隊比賽;以樂隊個人魅力於歐洲、美國、


我們亦請來了韓國獲奬樂隊﹣Galaxy Express,送上揉合車庫搖滾、龐克、迷幻聲音的爆裂演出。請記下這個特別的星期五晚



For years now, The Underground has been quietly stirring up a storm in Hong Kong’s best live music venues. Now, to commemorate our 10 year anniversary, we’re emerging from our home underground to bring to you our very first outdoor music extravaganza. In collaboration with Hong Kong Fan Zone, Friday Night Rocks (aka The Underground Festival), will feature many of our very favourite Hong Kong bands. Acts on the day will include veteran Hong Kong performers. such as: Supper Moment, ToNick, Shotgun Politics, Dr. Eggs, Hey Joe Trio, Noughts & Exes, and Bamboo Star, bringing you a wide variety of sounds and surprises. Musical styles will range from indie folk to pop rock, so there'll be something to suit everybody. These well-travelled musicians have been gracing local and overseas stages for years, leaving their marks at Yamaha’s Asiabeat Competition and Quebec’s Planetrox China, and dosing audiences from Europe, USA and Asia with their energy on tour. We also have with us our special friends from Korea – Galaxy Express, the award winning rockers known for their infectious blend of tightly wound garage rock, punk, psychedelic sounds and explosive performances.

For a Friday night that rocks with good music and good fun, be sure to mark your calendars for the 28th March at the New Central Harbourfront, it's going to be one of the best nights of original music Hong Kong has seen for years!

Tickets available here:

Timmy here with another Video Blog Episode which feature us playing Chucks & Pearls at this show. Special thanks to Su Lee . Quixotix Rock for the help with footage.

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