Gigs schedule

Gigs schedule

April 5: Taiwan Takeover - Spring Scream!

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Mon, April 07, 2014 14:54:05
All right!

Last year it was Canada Crusade, this year it is the Taiwan Takeover. We've always loved the Spring Scream Festival, and getting a chance to see it from the other side of the stage will be rad.

Come by to the Yellow Hill Stage and say 'hi'! Wohooo! Up-to-date timing details are on


// the Gunns

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April 3: Taiwan Takeover - TCRC Livehouse

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Mon, April 07, 2014 14:47:41

As a part of our Taiwan Takeover Tour we'll have a first gig in Tainan together with G.T Arpe and Black Radio Party. Fun stuff!

Then it is off to the Spring Scream Festival! Sweet!

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March 28: Fanzone outdoor festival!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Thu, March 20, 2014 12:21:07
Hey there,

It has been ages since we had a gig (with a poster, I should add - there was a Wanch gig or two in Q1 :)), and it will be awesome so go on stage with so many friends and fellow bandmates for Friday Night Rocks!

Come and check it out if you have time! Link here for Facebook event, with the description attached below...


// Freddy

多年來The Underground一直致力發掘本地現場原創音樂。為慶祝成立十周年,我們帶來了The Underground首個現場音樂新

風潮﹣户外音樂演出。與Hong Kong Fan Zone合作舉辦之搖滾星期五(亦稱The Underground Festival)將請來我們喜愛的

本地樂隊,當然少不了經驗豐富的樂手。演出單位包括:Supper Moment, ToNick, Dr. Eggs, Shotgun Politics, Hey Joe Trio, Noughts&Exes及

Bamboo Star,集合多元化聲音,為樂迷們送上驚喜!樂種涵蓋範圍由獨立民謠至流行搖滾,配合不同樂迷喜好。樂隊不單走

遍本地大大小小音樂演出場地,亦曾參與Yamaha Asiabeat及魁北克Planetrox中國樂隊比賽;以樂隊個人魅力於歐洲、美國、


我們亦請來了韓國獲奬樂隊﹣Galaxy Express,送上揉合車庫搖滾、龐克、迷幻聲音的爆裂演出。請記下這個特別的星期五晚



For years now, The Underground has been quietly stirring up a storm in Hong Kong’s best live music venues. Now, to commemorate our 10 year anniversary, we’re emerging from our home underground to bring to you our very first outdoor music extravaganza. In collaboration with Hong Kong Fan Zone, Friday Night Rocks (aka The Underground Festival), will feature many of our very favourite Hong Kong bands. Acts on the day will include veteran Hong Kong performers. such as: Supper Moment, ToNick, Shotgun Politics, Dr. Eggs, Hey Joe Trio, Noughts & Exes, and Bamboo Star, bringing you a wide variety of sounds and surprises. Musical styles will range from indie folk to pop rock, so there'll be something to suit everybody. These well-travelled musicians have been gracing local and overseas stages for years, leaving their marks at Yamaha’s Asiabeat Competition and Quebec’s Planetrox China, and dosing audiences from Europe, USA and Asia with their energy on tour. We also have with us our special friends from Korea – Galaxy Express, the award winning rockers known for their infectious blend of tightly wound garage rock, punk, psychedelic sounds and explosive performances.

For a Friday night that rocks with good music and good fun, be sure to mark your calendars for the 28th March at the New Central Harbourfront, it's going to be one of the best nights of original music Hong Kong has seen for years!

Tickets available here:

Timmy here with another Video Blog Episode which feature us playing Chucks & Pearls at this show. Special thanks to Su Lee . Quixotix Rock for the help with footage.

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March 22 2014: Music Alive Tour

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, March 14, 2014 13:57:03

I have been to Hang Out so many times, watching amazing bands like The Merriweather Deer, Yuck!, Hungry Ghosts and so on and so on. Now we not only get to play there, but with KOLOR, ToNick and Deep Inside. RAD!

First there will be Uni bands tearing it up, we'll go on around 8pm. Did I mention that this is FREE ENTRY?

Facebook link to the event here. See you there I hope, we are stooooooked to play there!

// Freddy

Timmy here, we've updated our video blog which includes an episode of us preparing to play at this show. Check it out here:

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Dec 15: Harbour Hallelujah festival

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, December 06, 2013 01:19:01
Ho ho ho!

Dang, I can't believe that we are having the chance to lock off the year with one more outdoor festival! I'll just quote from the Timmster about this rad event:

"As I sit here typing this, in a gloomy Macau hotel room - I find myself cocooned up in a hoodie & scarf. I remember a time not so long ago that I used to show a bit more toughness! What's going on here?

Anyway kids. Here's a look at our next and final show of 2013.

It's been a pretty wacky year for us. We've played some incredibly memorable shows and that's thanks to all of you.

We've played three festival stages and we will close the year with one more.

The event we are playing at is a collaboration between Very HK, an organisation that strives to promote all things creative in HK and The Wanch, an organisation that strives to be badass twenty four seven.

Harbour Hallelujah, taking place at Very HK's 'Very Big Picnic' is quite simply, going to be a good time.

It's located at the New Central Harbour Front which is that stretch of grass between Central & Admiralty I believe and get this:


Some of the bands who we will be sharing the bill with are:

The Bollands
Say Mosquito
The Sleeves (man it's been ages since we've played with The Sleeves)
Don't Panic (!!!)

Of course there are several other fantastic acts.

Full line up and more details can be found here.

Hallelujah indeed boys and girls. See ya all there."

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Oct 12: Silvermine BAY!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Thu, October 10, 2013 06:36:09
Oh my goodness,

For the third year in a row we are stoked to play at Silvermine Bay Music Festival, a great outdoor party organized by a team of local people. It is going to be great! We are on stage around 4 or 5ish on Saturday the 12th - come by, heck it is even free!

From their Facebook event page

Silvermine Bay music Festival 2013

11 Oct 2013 (Fri) 19:30 - 22:00
12 Oct 2013 (Sat) 15:00 - 22:00
13 Oct 2013 (Sun) 14:30 - 21:30

4Zone@SMF :

LOCATION:Near Mui Wo Pier

Zone 2 – Interactive Music Zone
LOCATION: Near Mui Wo Government Office

Zone 3 - Party Zone
LOCATION: Near Silvermine Bay Hotel

Zone 4 - Food Fair & Music
LOCATION:Open Area Mui Wo Government Office

Beach Zone:
Music Festival Ambassador :
Joey Tang
Supper Moment

Oversea Performers :
Dirty Loops (Sweden)
Yeng Constantino (Philippine)
Survive Said the Prophet (Japan)

Local Performers :
Yip Sai Wing
Jun Kung
Ellen Lo
Dear Jane
Deep Inside
Gonzales Rodriguez
League of Gentlemen
Match Box
Shotgun Politics
Summer Junkiez
The Yours
Rain In Time


1. Sea - Central (Pier No. 6) – Mui Wo

2. Bus - 3M Mui Wo- Tung Chung Town Centre Bus Terminus

Still remember the good time last summer or did you missed the event last year?!
As usual this event is FREE OF CHARGE!!
Are you ready to Jump and rock this years?!
Bring your friends and family together!
See you at Silvermine Bay Music Festival 2013!

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Sep 3-7: Canada Crusade Tour

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sun, September 29, 2013 07:53:11

Hey there, I am writing this well after the event but thought to include the poster from our Canada Crusade Tour (with the Envol et Macadam festival concert our price for winning the PlanetRox China-leg). Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City were fantastic! We had SO much fun and you can see our video ramblings and day-to-day shots on our blog.

Now starts planning for the fall and winter, with Silvermine Bay as the next stop. Hope to see you there!

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Aug 31: RTHK3 show at the Peak!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, August 30, 2013 12:24:42
Yay! Good fun at the Peak! Come by for an early gig!!!

Gig link on facebook



RTHK Radio 3's Chris B, the woman who single handedly invented the Hong Kong Indie music scene by producing over 100 "Underground" gigs, will be presenting her popular Radio 3 Saturday night "Indie Show" in front of a live audience at Cafe Deco at the Peak. Saturday August 31st from 8-9pm, with live music before and after the broadcast. Playing "live" on-air are three of Hong Kong's absolutely best home grown acts; Shotgun Politics (winners of PlanetRox China 2013 competition), "The Bollands" (rootsy, foot stomping folk duo) and "J-Hoon" (unquestionably one of Asias's top Hip-Hop artists).

Join Chris B on "The Indie Show Live" to hear three totally different takes on the sound of Hong Kong.

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Aug 30: Fun at the Wanch

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, August 30, 2013 12:18:06

We will finally, FINALLY play with John's band Don't Panic! at the Wanch... it has been forever! Also with the awesome LoG! If you are free drop by for some free fun and say hi!

From the event page

It’s a rocking Friday night starting at 9:30pm with Shotgun Politics performing songs from their 2 CD’s before leaving for Canada to compete in PlanetRox! Good Luck Guys!!! The at 10:45pm League Of Gentlemen perform songs from their latest CD & new songs from their upcoming CD. Then at 12am Don’t Panic performs original & modern rock. Happy Hour is from 5-9pm & Free Snack Plates from 6-7:30pm. Dave Colquhoun performs all your favorite acoustic songs & songs from his latest CD Short & Sweet. No Cover Charge.

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Aug 17: Ben Appleby presents Birthday Bonanza!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, August 09, 2013 12:46:23
Hey there!

I can't say how stoked I am about Ben Appleby's poster for the upcoming Shotgun Politics Birthday Bonanza. Dang... the poster has everything I love. A crazy babe, shotguns, the obligatory umbrellas (NG's Death anyone?) and CAKE. CAKE! Ben, you did it again!

Come by if you can. Free, Saturday, LKF entertainment!

Here is the FB post:

On July 24th Freddy turned of age
On August 22nd Timmy shall turn of age
AND crazily enough both Kid and Jimmy share August 29th as their Birthday's!!

We're putting together a celebration of some great musical acts and our friends and want everybody to come down and celebrate that fact that we're getting HELLA old.

The Entertainment:
Sima Kim (South Korea)
note: Sima plays ambient drone and dream pop. At this festive event, Sima will play his dream pop set.

The Bollands

The Fat Jokers

Shotgun Politics

We are also lucky enough to have Sushi Robot play between the bands.

Free entry, bring your friends, all are welcome.

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27 July: Beating Heart League

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sun, July 21, 2013 18:46:52
Hey there,

Not content with playing with League of Gentlemen once in two weeks we are doing it again! Lovin' that band of Phil, Pat and Gavin. Come by if you have the time, to Beating Heart!


// Freddy

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July 20: Poker Rock II

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sat, June 15, 2013 15:33:16
Zang! Love these guys!!!

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July 13: LKF Beerfest!!!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Sat, June 15, 2013 15:32:40
Dude, I can't wait for this - we almost have tons of fun as beer-thirsters fill the streets and listen to some rawk. Last year there was shouting like "I say 'H', you say 'K'", or "I say 'beer' you say 'drunk!'". Raddio :)

We are on Saturday July 13 at 9:15-9:35pm, and we hope to see you there!

Latest update: Full gig schedule with other awesome bands like Tim Murphy, Operator, Kestrels and Kites, Gatling Gun Revival, Don't Panic etc etc etc IN THE SAME DAY! Nice :)

Zang bring on the BEER!

// F

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July 6: Planet Rox Final!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Wed, May 29, 2013 08:16:54
Woho!!! Thanks to your voting we will be one of five bands in the final for a spot at PlanetRox Canada festival! Thank you so much for the help, and come down to
Backstage if you have the time!

July 6, be there or be [] <3.

// F

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July 1: Handover Hallelujah

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Wed, May 29, 2013 08:16:09

We are slotted to play in the extravaganza that can only be described as four days of bands, beers and booze: The Wanch's very own Handover Hallelujah! We are on for July 1, and will return with a time for you later on.

See you, it is free and awesome!

Oh, and if you are new to the Wanch - it is on 54 Jaffe road. Zang!

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June 22: Underground 108

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Wed, May 29, 2013 08:11:13


It has been a while since we had the chance to play the big U, and after U90 we are now back at U108! Awesomeness! Come by Backstage and hang out with us!

Facebook invite here:

Info from the event's page:

The Underground回來了!我們帶來3隊在本地獨立音樂界十分活躍的樂隊,保證這次的#108會令大家渡過一個愉快的晚

開場有Dark Himaya帶來 expressive ambient music 為#108揭開序幕,vocal高亢的聲線與連綿的音樂造成對比,值得留意。
接著上月剛發行了debut CD的Ivy & Aileen將會以激烈的演出震撼樂迷的視覺和聽覺!香港最有活力的pop rock樂隊之一,唯
一的Shotgun Politics帶給大家無限歡樂,令人隨著旋律和節奏盡情擺動身體!

最後結合了ska,瘋狂的accordions及出乎意料的旋律變化的Les Gromechkos一定讓你無法停止舞動和歡笑!


Underground 108
時間:10pm – 1am
地點:Backtage Live (中環威靈頓街52-54號1樓)
查詢:9486 4648
門票:HK$120(預先), HK$150(即場)
票務, and Backstage

The Underground is back on track with its numbered series and #108 promises a night of great home-grown music in the form of three of the most exciting bands currently on the live music scene. The show takes place at Backstage in Central so mark your diaries for Saturday, 22nd June 2013. Dark Himaya, fresh off of launching their CD last month, open with their expressive ambient music with soaring vocals. The one and only Shotgun Politics follow, with their memobarble and intensely energetic pop-rock. And to conclude return the amazing Les Gromechkos with their musical maelstrom of ska, crazy accordions and wild unexpected moments.

It's a night that demands your presence - see you there!

Underground 108
Saturday 22 June 2013
10pm - 1am
Backstage Live, 1/F., 52-54 Wellington St, Central
HOTLINE: 9486 4648
Advance tickets:, and Backstage
Advance tickets: HK$120, tickets on the door HK$150


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June 15: Outdoor gig!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Wed, May 29, 2013 08:10:35
Last minute update, thanks to weather being better than everyone thought we are playing outdoors in WanChai withthe HK Arts Centre!

Amazeballs! 6pm, free!!!!

Facebook page and poster!

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April 20: Robin Nievera at Fringe

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, April 19, 2013 13:10:02
Ho ho HO!

We are stoked to play alongside Robin Nievera as he and fellow band Carlos Castano & the City Lights Soundtrack take over Fringe Club on SATURDAY April 20. It is 150HKD including drink and we will be opening the evening. Come down!

Robin Nievera (Philippines)

Robin Nievera is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, composer and musical producer from Manila. His riffs, melodies, and lyrics are inspired by Incubus, Dave Mathews Band, John Mayer and Bon Iver. Robin and his band opened for Hanson’s “Shout it Out” world tour early 2012, and Robin won “Best New Male Artist” at the prestigious 2012 Star Awards. The band released its album “Nightmares” in November 2012, and is currently undertaking its first Asian tour, making stops in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Carlos Castano & the City Lights Soundtrack (Philippines)

Carlos Castaño is an independent musician from the Philippines. His music is a reflection of the multitude of stories that heʼs accumulated over the years. Moving back to the city three years ago, he started writing material for his first album City Light Soundtrack, a 12-song all-original release that was launched in November of 2010. A year later he begun producing and writing material for his second album, City Light Soundtrack 2: Permanence, released today- March 21, 2012.

The second album is an 11-track all-original release that still mirrors the first album but is sonically miles ahead. Produced by himself, Edward Enriquez, Kelvin Uy, and Errol Apacible in his home studio and in Kerplunk! Recording Studios in Makati, Carlos says that his truer influences shine out here in the second album- “everything from Motown to early pop records to the blues.”

Cover: $150 (in advance), $180 (on the day); includes one special drink

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April 17 2013: Back in 2013!

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, April 19, 2013 13:04:40
Hells yeah!

We have been working on new songs but could not help to come out and play with Operator (hi Marc!) and the bunch of 8-string awesomeness that is Weeper. Come down to the Wanch for a free gig!!!

// El Freddo

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December 8: Love Da Records

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sun, November 11, 2012 12:12:52
Yay! Super stoked that we'll be playing a (what is to us a) brand new venue here in HK, and we hope to make it a habit to hang out with the Love Da Records folks. Come around if you have time - the venue was voted by Time Out Hong Kong as one of the new happening places. We play 10+ish.

From facebook

Love Da Livestage 2012: The Kong Rock Odyssey

Love Da Café presents: A triple shock of local rock, in three Saturday nights!

Venue: Love Da Café - Unit A, 14/F., Chiap King Industrial Building, 114 King Fuk Street, San Po Kong, KLN., HK
Price: 70 HKD (Advance) / 100 HKD** (At Door) (Including one non-alcoholic drink)
Ticket Outlets:
1) Kubrick-BC (+852 23848929) | Shop H2, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square St., Yau Ma Tei, KLN., HK
2) Love Da Café (+852 22641025/+852 60170807; Ms LAM)
** Full-Time Student discount: 70 HKD (Please show your Full-Time Student Card at Door)

Rock #1: Sat., 8th December 2012; 20:30
Blaster / Jukator/ Shotgun Politics
Curtains up! On the coming 8th Dec. With Blaster (Pop Rock), Jukator (Progressive Rock) and Shotgun Politics (HK Rock), we spark off a non-stop rocking December: Since 2007, Blaster has been spreading dreams and joy through their varied styles; While from 2010 onwards, the Yamaha Asian Beat winner, Jukator endeavors to create mind-blowing music to the crowd; And with its dynamic "party rock" and strong stage presence, Shotgun Politics has been gaining more and more supports since 2009; These three bands shall take the lead and heat up the winter!

For enquiry please contact Ms. Jessica LAM at
m or call 22641025 / 60170807.

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