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September 17 - EP release!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Sat, September 26, 2009 09:08:19

Timmy has already written a bit about the release party on our overall blog ( but I thought to add a few tidbits about the evening.

Songs for Children are my FAVE DJ:s in Hong Kong for sure - they don't only know how to rock a party but also managing to be so cute and adorable that you wanna take them home for supper... ahh... and they did a RAD special flyer for the event - it is the Songs mascot holding aaaaaa... SHOTGUN! Mike, you are a star.

We then had a little surprise stored for the dancefloor ("oh nooo", I hear you think, but you are wrong - it was not our interpretive ballet dance session), where we had pre-recorded Rebel Radio without vocals so that Niall and the rest could holler into a mic. The surprise element was that I had switched the "standard" Rebel Radio verses with Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal and Kraftwerk's The Model. Haha! So much fun :D There is an inaudible rendition on YouTube if you are interested.

Thank you guys and gals for being there! Now, how can we pretend that we have a new album so we can party with you again....

Much <3!

// F

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