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Gigs schedule

March 22 2014: Music Alive Tour

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, March 14, 2014 13:57:03

I have been to Hang Out so many times, watching amazing bands like The Merriweather Deer, Yuck!, Hungry Ghosts and so on and so on. Now we not only get to play there, but with KOLOR, ToNick and Deep Inside. RAD!

First there will be Uni bands tearing it up, we'll go on around 8pm. Did I mention that this is FREE ENTRY?

Facebook link to the event here. See you there I hope, we are stooooooked to play there!

// Freddy

Timmy here, we've updated our video blog which includes an episode of us preparing to play at this show. Check it out here:

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