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Aug 17: Ben Appleby presents Birthday Bonanza!

PartyPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, August 09, 2013 12:46:23
Hey there!

I can't say how stoked I am about Ben Appleby's poster for the upcoming Shotgun Politics Birthday Bonanza. Dang... the poster has everything I love. A crazy babe, shotguns, the obligatory umbrellas (NG's Death anyone?) and CAKE. CAKE! Ben, you did it again!

Come by if you can. Free, Saturday, LKF entertainment!

Here is the FB post:

On July 24th Freddy turned of age
On August 22nd Timmy shall turn of age
AND crazily enough both Kid and Jimmy share August 29th as their Birthday's!!

We're putting together a celebration of some great musical acts and our friends and want everybody to come down and celebrate that fact that we're getting HELLA old.

The Entertainment:
Sima Kim (South Korea)
note: Sima plays ambient drone and dream pop. At this festive event, Sima will play his dream pop set.

The Bollands

The Fat Jokers

Shotgun Politics

We are also lucky enough to have Sushi Robot play between the bands.

Free entry, bring your friends, all are welcome.

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