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Gigs schedule

17 April 2009: First SP gig, Discovery Bay McSorleys

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Mon, April 27, 2009 14:24:57
Hey guys,

Thank your for coming to the McSorleys gig and watching, cheering and PERforming with us (you know who you are... hints: bluesman on guitar, soopah cool girl on ADVOCADO yay!).

And thank you to Kate @ McS for hosting us! And love goes also out to Duvet for the free post-gig drinks - we had no idea that YOUR customers could hear us as well. Excellent....

More will come during the summer, and in the mean time... if anyone claims that the maroon color you see on any fliers is PINK then I will come over and open up a can of manly whoopass. Oh yeah, you better believe it.

// F

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