Gigs schedule

Gigs schedule

Sep 3-7: Canada Crusade Tour

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sun, September 29, 2013 07:53:11

Hey there, I am writing this well after the event but thought to include the poster from our Canada Crusade Tour (with the Envol et Macadam festival concert our price for winning the PlanetRox China-leg). Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City were fantastic! We had SO much fun and you can see our video ramblings and day-to-day shots on our blog.

Now starts planning for the fall and winter, with Silvermine Bay as the next stop. Hope to see you there!

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27 July: Beating Heart League

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sun, July 21, 2013 18:46:52
Hey there,

Not content with playing with League of Gentlemen once in two weeks we are doing it again! Lovin' that band of Phil, Pat and Gavin. Come by if you have the time, to Beating Heart!


// Freddy

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July 20: Poker Rock II

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sat, June 15, 2013 15:33:16
Zang! Love these guys!!!

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June 22: Underground 108

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Wed, May 29, 2013 08:11:13


It has been a while since we had the chance to play the big U, and after U90 we are now back at U108! Awesomeness! Come by Backstage and hang out with us!

Facebook invite here:

Info from the event's page:

The Underground回來了!我們帶來3隊在本地獨立音樂界十分活躍的樂隊,保證這次的#108會令大家渡過一個愉快的晚

開場有Dark Himaya帶來 expressive ambient music 為#108揭開序幕,vocal高亢的聲線與連綿的音樂造成對比,值得留意。
接著上月剛發行了debut CD的Ivy & Aileen將會以激烈的演出震撼樂迷的視覺和聽覺!香港最有活力的pop rock樂隊之一,唯
一的Shotgun Politics帶給大家無限歡樂,令人隨著旋律和節奏盡情擺動身體!

最後結合了ska,瘋狂的accordions及出乎意料的旋律變化的Les Gromechkos一定讓你無法停止舞動和歡笑!


Underground 108
時間:10pm – 1am
地點:Backtage Live (中環威靈頓街52-54號1樓)
查詢:9486 4648
門票:HK$120(預先), HK$150(即場)
票務, and Backstage

The Underground is back on track with its numbered series and #108 promises a night of great home-grown music in the form of three of the most exciting bands currently on the live music scene. The show takes place at Backstage in Central so mark your diaries for Saturday, 22nd June 2013. Dark Himaya, fresh off of launching their CD last month, open with their expressive ambient music with soaring vocals. The one and only Shotgun Politics follow, with their memobarble and intensely energetic pop-rock. And to conclude return the amazing Les Gromechkos with their musical maelstrom of ska, crazy accordions and wild unexpected moments.

It's a night that demands your presence - see you there!

Underground 108
Saturday 22 June 2013
10pm - 1am
Backstage Live, 1/F., 52-54 Wellington St, Central
HOTLINE: 9486 4648
Advance tickets:, and Backstage
Advance tickets: HK$120, tickets on the door HK$150


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April 17 2013: Back in 2013!

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, April 19, 2013 13:04:40
Hells yeah!

We have been working on new songs but could not help to come out and play with Operator (hi Marc!) and the bunch of 8-string awesomeness that is Weeper. Come down to the Wanch for a free gig!!!

// El Freddo

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December 8: Love Da Records

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sun, November 11, 2012 12:12:52
Yay! Super stoked that we'll be playing a (what is to us a) brand new venue here in HK, and we hope to make it a habit to hang out with the Love Da Records folks. Come around if you have time - the venue was voted by Time Out Hong Kong as one of the new happening places. We play 10+ish.

From facebook

Love Da Livestage 2012: The Kong Rock Odyssey

Love Da Café presents: A triple shock of local rock, in three Saturday nights!

Venue: Love Da Café - Unit A, 14/F., Chiap King Industrial Building, 114 King Fuk Street, San Po Kong, KLN., HK
Price: 70 HKD (Advance) / 100 HKD** (At Door) (Including one non-alcoholic drink)
Ticket Outlets:
1) Kubrick-BC (+852 23848929) | Shop H2, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square St., Yau Ma Tei, KLN., HK
2) Love Da Café (+852 22641025/+852 60170807; Ms LAM)
** Full-Time Student discount: 70 HKD (Please show your Full-Time Student Card at Door)

Rock #1: Sat., 8th December 2012; 20:30
Blaster / Jukator/ Shotgun Politics
Curtains up! On the coming 8th Dec. With Blaster (Pop Rock), Jukator (Progressive Rock) and Shotgun Politics (HK Rock), we spark off a non-stop rocking December: Since 2007, Blaster has been spreading dreams and joy through their varied styles; While from 2010 onwards, the Yamaha Asian Beat winner, Jukator endeavors to create mind-blowing music to the crowd; And with its dynamic "party rock" and strong stage presence, Shotgun Politics has been gaining more and more supports since 2009; These three bands shall take the lead and heat up the winter!

For enquiry please contact Ms. Jessica LAM at
m or call 22641025 / 60170807.

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August 31: Crossed Wires at the Wanch

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Wed, August 29, 2012 22:51:13
Stu is referred to as "Jesus" by a couple of our lady friends for his ability to save animals, work with awesome causes and looking somewhat like our favorite savior and homeboy.

Now he is heading up his band Papancha at The Wanch, and we are keen to support alongside Say You Care and Kestrels and Kites (where Freddy plays cajon!).

Come and check it out. It is FREEEE >>>

From the FB page:

Four fantastic bands that love thrusting upbeat pop-punk tunes into your happy smiling faces....

Hosted by podcast impressario and all-round funny man (not in a rotund way) Nick Milnes!

Shotgun Politics
"If Carlsberg was a pop-punk band, they'd probably be Shotgun Politics"

"Definitely not the new Nirvana"

Kestrels and Kites
"Best band in Hong Kong"

Say You Care
"Like a Chinese Emo Foo Fighters"

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June 27: Poker Rock #1

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Mon, April 23, 2012 23:34:34
Directly from the FB invite - stoked about this! And how cool is it that a Party Rock band plays at Poker Rock evening. Hehehe.

May we present to you the mid-week rock event:

Poker Rock #01
Date: 27th June 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 8:30 pm
Place: The Wanch
Fee: No Cover Charge, but alcoholic drink of your choice maybe?


The Fat Jokers

In Love and Pain!

Shotgun Politics


Event page:

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April 4: Easter Bunny Moshfest

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Tue, March 20, 2012 21:17:04
It will be great to slug things out with two of the hardest-hitting bands in Hong Kong. Live at the Wanch, free, on a holiday Wednesday. Join up will ya?!

Invite here

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22 March: Wanch with Sleeves!

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Tue, March 20, 2012 21:15:58
With the 7evens coming up what better way to kick-start than listening to some party rock at The Wanch? Oh yeah! Dooooo it! Free. Good. Drink beer. :)

Or in the words of the organizer

This Thursday at The Wanch we have the San Miguel Showcase featuring a great lineup of bands.



Cheap beer and rock 'n roll the day before the weekend starts during rugby 7s in the Red Light district of Hong Kong. This may be one of the best recipes for fun know to man, come on down :)

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16 March: Hong Kong Xover

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, March 02, 2012 22:09:14
Hi gang!

I have always wanted to play at Hidden Agenda, and this Hong Kong legend is now into its third (or more?) iteration after being repeatedly closed down by the authorities. Joe from This Is Ammunition reached out to us about his and (this is another story.. I won't go there now) Milkteeth Joey Basha's idea to do crossover gigs in HK and I LOVE THIS! We have played with some awesome bands like Kolor, Apache, Staway (and of course IL&P!) but this is taking it to another level. In the words of Joe:

HKXO is a crossover. In a city famed for its blend of west and east, there unfortunately remains a divide between two parallel music communities. Whilst, the musical landscape of HK has never looked as bright as it has coming into 2012; HKXO aims to further close the rapidly narrowing gap between musicians in the territory; exposing as many people to as much beautiful, local, independent and genuine music as possible along the way.

Most of all, it's an excuse for a good time.

Date : 16th March, 2012
Time : 8:00PM
Ticket : $100 on the door
Location: Hidden Agenda( New Location)
2A, Wing Fu Industrial Bldg, 15-17 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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16 Feb 2012: Social Media Week with Reign Lee & Killer Soap

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sat, February 04, 2012 15:34:59

Hey there, I'll post more when I know it. But so for we have been confimed to play Backstage with Killer Soap and Reign Lee for Social Media week. Some IT guru apparently thought that we used ze interweb in a good fashion (let's face it: it is YOU who are doing the heavy lifting by being awesome and joining us on FB etc).

Anyhow, drop by at Backstage on 16 February (Wellington street) around 10ish and we will be bashing tunes there.


// Freddy

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13 August: Silvermine Bay Festival 2011

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Tue, August 09, 2011 14:26:42
This just came in: we will play on the Saturday slot for the Silvermine Bay festival. Wohoo!! I just love SMB festival, one beach, one stage, people drinking beer.

We are playing in the early evening, come and say hi!

facebook event site:

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2 July: Wanch yearly handover gig

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Fri, June 03, 2011 10:34:10
All right! Time for the second Handover Hallelujah at the Wanch. Tons of good bands (plus us) from fricking afternoon to past midnight. Now, the handover celebrates not only the erhm... official Handover, but also the day Wanch owners got the place... interesting, there must be a conspiracy here...

We'll play the 23:30 slot, come if you have the time!!! Tons of good bands, and it starts at 16:00. Holy cow!!!

// Freddy

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7 May: Underground CD4 release party

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Wed, April 20, 2011 10:58:24
All right!

On the 7th of May we will open the night with a grand ol' Shotgun set. Two of our songs are featured on the long-lasting Underground CD series (up to CD4 now) and we are super stoked to be part of this tradition. Yey! Thank you Chris, Koya and everyone who made this happen!

Words from the Underground staff:

We've got a brand-spankin'-new CD with 22 awesome songs from some of the most kickass bands here in HK. And the only way to make your Underground experience complete is to attend the RELEASE PARTIES! ALL 11 bands will be performing over 2 days in a veritable mini-festival, so be there to support your favourites and check out new bands too.

What's more, each night, we will have loads of prizes for the audience to win, including
Edifier woofer subsystems, Cathay Pacific air tickets, one night in The Fleming Hotel,
HK$500 HMV vouchers, Tom Lee vouchers & Sideways driving packages!

Please note that the two events start at different times and are in TWO different locations.

Let's move on to Party B:
CD4 Release Party B
Saturday 7 May 2011
Hard Rock Cafe, LG/F, LKF Tower, 55 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
8:30pm - 11:30pm

Hotline: 9486 4648

HK$150/night - one CD, one Asahi beer & optional lucky draw
HK$250/two nights - one CD, one beer each night & two (optional) lucky draw

Bands: Shotgun Politics, FAD, Corey Tam, Helter Skelter & Six Pack of Wolves

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16 April: Jade & Stagger Swallows releaseparty

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Wed, March 09, 2011 10:24:19
Heeeeello there,

A quick teaser to let you know that we will be playing the Wanch to support our dear friends and awesome musicians Jade & The Stagger Swallows who are having their EP launch on the 16th. This event is free (!) so just come on by and spend your hard earned dollars on beer and their CD "Fallen" (50-60 HKD acc to rumors)!

Jade is created by Tiff from (among others) Hungry Ghosts and features a host of musicians bringing her vision to life. Check em' out on ReverbNation <> It will be so much fun to see them. Come by you too!

Luke Chow who is the frontman in Hungry Ghosts and just toured most of the known world will support along with Tyger Feb (yan yan!). Shotgun of course ;)First band on at 10 and we are on at either 11 or 12 depending on the Staggers' preferences.


// Freddy

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19 March: gig

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sun, March 06, 2011 22:57:49
Hey there!

We are super stoked to let you know that we will be supporting KOLOR at Backstage on the 19th March for their Music Battle extravaganza. It is all organized by and it will be tons of fun!

You can find our band-presentation on
and the event on

It is 100HKD to see them KOLOR boys, and we are... er... well not free but you know what I mean ;)

Come if you have time, it would be great to see you!


// Fred

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16 Mar 2011: Guest appearance

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Sun, March 06, 2011 22:46:32
All right!

It feels good to be back to gigging! We will do a small (and secret, let's face it - it is not like the whole of HK read this blog ;) appearance this WEDNESDAY at the Shazza Showcase. Will be spanking stellar to see Chris B again and to check out the new sound system at the Wanch. Wohooo!

More details on!/event.php?eid=130889453650542

Come if you have time. We probably play last so that our deranged and somewhat drunken ways do not spoil the evening for the delightful dudes playing their distinguished... er... 'dongs' (SONGS! could not find any alliteration. dammit).

// F

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18 December: Xmas with SP, DBK, Lee

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Thu, November 25, 2010 13:07:58

It is going to be an awesome time finally getting our ass whooped by the David Bowie Knives and their sexed-out rock. All hail to the DBK! And our friend Reign Lee is descending down into the smoky pits of Wan Chai's Xperience to play as well. Thanks Reign!!!

Come if you can - it is frickin' free so that hard earned cash can be spent in the bar. I know I will ;)

There might also be a special super secret giveaway xmas present if we manage, we'll see how things go. So don't go all doe-eyed if nothing pops up. Just bother Timmy about it and make sure he brings this lettle special gift to you our darling friends next time.

And thank you Arthur for choosing the flyer design. Love that frickin' dino. Most fun poster we worked on till today!

Peace love and pitbulls!

// El Fred

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October 24: With Basque band Berri Txarrak

ConcertsPosted by Freddy Gunn Tue, October 05, 2010 12:10:14

Basque (north of Spain) HC band Berri Txarrak are touring the region, and we'll have the chance to open for them. The gents in Berri have released tons of discs over the years, and their latest (Payola) is not only on Roadrunner Records (Dream Theater, Slipknot, KORN, etc) but has been produced by Steve Albini (NIIIIIRVANA!).

We can't wait to meet the lovely chaps and hang out. You can read more about this event on its Underground page or heck just come by and see us open for them on the 24th @ Backstage.

Take care for now, and p-p-p-eace out.

// F

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